Michael J. Gahagan P.E. : Managing Partner The Steele Group

Mike is a managing partner whose broad background in science, engineering and technology provides clients with a critical perspective in assessing, deploying and interfacing current and emerging strategic technology assets and strategy.

In key executive assignments around the world with companies such as Siemens AG, Mike has been instrumental in creating positive change, while bringing collaborative approaches with direct reports, cross-functional business partners and adjunct IT support providers in mission critical environments. Mike’s consulting work in the US has focused on macro aspects of technology supported business processes, emerging IT strategy, business continuity and disaster recovery, Sarbanes Oxley IT compliance and software development.

Most recently, Mike has gained interest and expertise in understanding emerging client market segments, and their impacts on technology systems and interfaces that companies will need to consider as they begin experimenting with progressive approaches to their customers. These areas include the social networking phenomena of commercial blogging, website interaction, accuracy and interpretation of commercial information available from sources beyond the enterprise.

Mike has served as Vice President, CIO and Chief Strategy Officer for the Midwest Independent Transmission Operator (MISO). The Midwest ISO is a fully integrated regional transmission organization which assures energy industry consumers of unbiased regional grid management and open access to the transmission facilities. MISO operates one of the largest energy markets in the world for the electric utilities in the Midwest and central Canada.

Prior to the Midwest ISO, Mike was the Chief Operating Officer for the Mid-continent Area Power Pool (MAPP), a regional North American Reliability Council (NERC) oversight association for electrical utilities in the upper Midwest. He directed the tactical, day-to-day operations and managed the entire technical infrastructure. Mike’s experience before MAPP included successfully directing the development and delivery of computer products globally for Siemens AG. He has also held various management, technical consulting and engineering jobs at Control Data Corporation, the Salt River Project, and the Montana Power Company.

Mike holds a Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Montana State University and a Master of Science degree in Physics from Oregon State University; completed the executive MBA program at the Carlson School of Business, University of Minnesota; and holds undergraduate degrees in Mathematics, Physics, and Electrical Engineering. He is a registered Professional Engineer in the state of Minnesota, a member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, and the Project Management Institute.

In his spare time, he likes golfing, carpentry and restoring classic automobiles.