Green Initiative

We will strive to reduce impact on the environment through positive activities we can do as employees that allow for the reduction of carbon footprints and material waste. While we must balance our commercial endeavors with our green cultural objectives - we believe through a thoughtful, well structured “green policy” our commercial activities can thrive, while continuously minimizing impact to our environment.

The following Green Initiatives, broken down into four categories, will be used in our daily activities while carrying out the charter of our company.

Waste Prevention:

  • Electronic distribution will be used whenever possible to reduce unnecessary document printing.
  • Electronic copying will use two-sided paper.
  • Presentations will be electronic with copies accessible or distributed electronically.
  • E-mail will not be printed unless there is a unique requirement; company e-mail will carry reminder notice “please consider the environment before printing this e-mail”.
  • Hard copy mailing lists will be used only when necessary and quarterly purging of lists to avoid unnecessary mailings will be accomplished.
  • Hard copy marketing materials will be held to an absolute minimum and electronic collateral assessable for the company website is to be used whenever possible.
  • Hard copy marketing material will be printed on environmentally friendly paper.
  • Packaging and shipping material will stored and reused whenever possible.
  • Recycle wastebaskets will be used and clearly marked.


  • Office paper must contain at least 30% recycled content.
  • Toner cartridges must be recyclable.
  • Office furniture, equipment or material no longer in use or storage must be donated to a reputable donation program.
  • Purchase from local “green vendors” when possible and where appropriate economics prevail.
  • Purchase only Energy Star qualified computer, office and imaging products.

Energy Conservation:

  • Track building and equipment energy costs and share with employees.
  • Track transportation fuel costs and share with employees.
  • Seek alternate transportation, i.e. light rail, etc when on business trips.
  • Use only incandescent bulbs where possible.
  • Reduce lights whenever possible; maintain “lights out” policy with rooms not in use, or when offices are vacant throughout the work day.
  • Minimize/share use of chargers and unplug when devices are not being charged.
  • Turn off computer monitors when not in use, unless time intervals are extremely short, in that case, be sure to turn off at end of work day.
  • Use only Energy Star qualified computer, office and imaging products.
  • Thermostats must be turned down to 65 degrees when leaving office for the day, or during extended absence.


  • Utilize teleconference and web conferences whenever possible.
  • Only economy cars will be used for rental purposes, unless marketing activities require a larger vehicle.
  • Work at home if feasible during Knozone Air Quality Action Days (KAQAD’s)
  • Send company-wide e-mail encouraging associates to mow lawns and fill gas tanks after 6:00 pm on KAQAD days.
  • Do not call for express parcel pick-up unless absolutely necessary; deliver with aggregated outgoing mail to minimize fuel costs and unnecessary trips.
  • Use flexible work hours whenever possible to minimize fuel costs; Monday’s and Fridays should be targeted work at home days due to commuter traffic delays causing increased fuel consumption and carbon.
  • Encourage associates to use alternative transportation, i.e. bikes public transportation and provide flexible incentive negotiated with associate, e.g. shorter work day.
  • Encourage associates to carpool when possible and provide flexible team scheduling to accomplish. Sponsor 4 carpool awareness days per year.
  • Sponsor auto tune-up days twice per year and allow associates flexible time schedules to have automobiles serviced.
  • Use E-85 (ethanol) in company vehicle.
  • Ensure associates are aware of Central Indiana Commuter Services.

These initiatives will be measurable and documented. Additionally, each associate will need a green performance objective in their annual performance plan.

Approved by Managing Member, June 2008 - Reviewed June 2014