The Steele Group accepts resumes from individuals interested in working in a highly entrepreneurial culture where collaboration, creativity and thinking differently about work assignments are valued attributes.

Success in our company is dependent upon possessing the individual discipline needed in an environment where things move fast, decisions are pushed to the lowest level, and each person must work with an ownership philosophy.

Beyond our work philosophy, fundamental business skills must support one's ability to be successful in our environment. These skills include the ability to think critically about the work at hand, excellent communication in written and oral form, the ability to be introspective, a healthy orientation toward relationship and relationship building, and demonstrated responsibility and success in highly independent environments.

If this seems exciting to you and a fit for your work style, work ethic and personality, we'd like to speak with you. Please send an electronic resume and cover letter to

Thanks for looking at our company as a potential employer and partner.

The Steele Group is an Equal Opportunity Employer.