Best Practices, Process Improvement & Measurement

Best Practice Methodology

Our consultants help organizations realize sector and non-sector best practice benchmarks by clearly identifying, understanding and selecting the critical few appropriate internal and external benchmark measures that assist in determining innovation and performance relative to sector and non-sector peers. With a clear understanding that benchmarks are merely one tool for comparison in the sector/market, we believe strongly that driving innovation is the key to differentiation.

Customer Process Audit & Improvement

We guide organizations objectively to see process through the eyes of quality and financial principles, methods and measures. It is critical to understand the links between customer satisfaction measurement and process controls. Our review and discovery of how root causes are identified directs organizations toward meaningful improvement. Generally, clients find significant opportunities for cycle time improvement, general and administrative cost reduction, and identification of technology related obsolescence, all of which drive efficiency.

Forecasting, Budgeting & Financial Management

By developing and applying the critical financial skills required to manage transaction-intensive customer environments, we show organizations how to avoid the typical "cost center." Skill development includes use of activity-based costing, cash flow and balance sheet management, and benchmarking of key financial indicators to determine internal and external success

Technology Selection, Application & Deployment

With an understanding of technology and its current place in the delivery of service, we work with organizations to understand and identify broad and discrete customer preferences and trends, and the prevailing channels desired for customer transaction and interaction. Important to this area of practice is involvement and alignment of both customer facing and technology leaders coupled with a clear understanding of the dynamic market conditions, and how costs can be managed to implement needed change and mitigate premature obsolesce of technology assets.

The Steele Group Methods