Client Management, Sales/Marketing & Deal Sourcing

Client Management

Developing an organization's measurable client satisfaction processes that provide ongoing accountability and dialogue for both sides of the transaction and account is key to any long-term reward. Central to this approach is the application of quality principles of structured account review and feedback, coupled with extensive and regular dialogue between the client and service provider. We encourage clients to involve their customers in the development of their client management process.

Sales & Marketing Planning & Execution

By challenging organizations to think differently about their sales and marketing efforts and understanding the sales process and CRM data base management, we help them move toward the elimination of ghosts in the pipeline and superfluous marketing efforts. Fundamental to our approach is accepting the complexity of the sales process in a global environment and helping drive the transaction from product and value selling to solution selling. This becomes very powerful when coupled with our client management process and linked to the cornerstones of awareness, capture, fulfillment and retention.

Deal Sourcing

To evaluate an organization's discrete or broad process sourcing options, we offer these key areas of objective assistance: identification of appropriate vendors, evaluation of management team, site review, process review, financial review and understanding of performance and cultural fit, pricing and quality methodology and analytics, contract structure and language, geography, availability of green and minority suppliers, capitalization and ownership structure of prospective supplier organization.

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